Brian D. Marl for Mayor

Coming Soon!

Dear Friends,

Thank you for visiting my website, and for your interest in learning more about my campaign for Mayor of Saline. This site will be a source for news and information about my campaign.

I’m very proud of what the city has accomplished during my first term as Mayor. Needless to say, much work remains undone, but the city continues to focus on areas that our citizens care most about: support for Public Safety, Financial Stewardship, Investment in Infrastructure, Economic Development, and Openness and Transparency.

I genuinely believe that my inclusive, positive leadership style has benefitted the city in innumerable ways. Unfortunately, my opponent appears to be more interested in name-calling than in talking about real solutions. I promise you that I’m not interested in that sort of negativity, but rather want to engage with you to learn about your thoughts and suggestions for making our community an even better place.

Please follow my campaign on Facebook or connect with me on LinkedIn. You can always contact me directly by email at briandmarl@gmail.com or by calling 734-272-3654.

Thank you, again, for your interest -



Brian D. Marl